Book V2.0

What makes a book a book?  In my opinion the answer is a bit obvious.  The story.  Without the story a book is what, nothing?  Just words?  The story makes a book worth reading, it captures your interest, and keeps it until the very end.

How would I re-envision the book?  I loved the choose your own adventure books when I was growing up.  So I took that idea, and made it an interactive concept.  The idea is that when the character of the book runs into a situation, the user can add his or her input to determine what the character will do.  From there, the book will then decide how this would effect the outcome of the story by comparing it to the original story.

Below is a mock-up example I made in Photoshop demonstrating the interface and decision input of the book.  In the mock-up I choose to use “The Beast in the Cave” by H.P Lovecraft.  Why?  Because in this short story, the way I see it is that the outcome could have been different by what the character did as the beast was approaching him.  Instead of picking up the two rocks, what if he picked up just one?  Would the beast have killed him because the second stone didn’t knock it out?  What if the character just  cowered in the corner?  Or just attempted to run?  How would this all change the outcome of the story?

After the outcome of the book would be computed, the end of the story would be that of the original story.  The character would throw both stones, knocking the beast out, and running.  Catching the tour guide, and going back to see the slain beast.

But if the user had choose something else, the book would be different.  Say the character cowered in the corner, the beast could show up and kill him.  Or the character ran, it could be a 50/50 outcome, the character escape, or something new happens.


How To “Read” A Book

What stands out to be is the books with dark colors, and dark designs on the front.

  • Why?  they remind me of a few books I have read that were based on sy-fy and paranormal entities.

The letter ‘P’ appeared 6 times

The paper is rough, the cover is smooth with relief on it where the letters are.  If I close my eyes, the ink on the pages, and the pages themselves feel one, what few pictures are in the book, the colors all feel the same.  The pages have a dengy look to them. It makes the book look older, worn, it looks like it has personality to it.  The cover has more personality to it, the letters feel like letters.

The book is paperback.  At the spine, glue holds the cover, and the pages together.  The book has no signatures.  Looking at the glue, I see it darken, it is growing old, starting to detereroate a little bit.  In the glue, I can see the pages become one.

There is writing, other than the book itself, in the book.  the writing tells of the original owner, a best friend of mine, who knew how much I loved the Dark Tower series, and how much I enjoyed this specific book.

The color of the pages are a dingy yellow.  They are not white at all.  The dingy yellow is a warm, dull color.  Lighter in the center, darker as light seeps into the edges of the pages.  The other things I can visually expolore in the book are the dark areas between the pages where the pages meet at the spine.  I ask myself how lonely it must be in there.  If there are any chances that there has been someone, or something touches those areas.

I can see a lot of evidence that someone else handled this book.  On edges of the pages, there are smudges, dents in the pages.  The Cover seems to be lifting off itself.  The spine is bent a little bit, as if read over and over again.  I doubt that the book has been used like I am using it right now.

I can hear the sound easily.  It sounds soft, unharming, as if you were to flip the pages quickly, you wouldn’t be able to find anything in the book that could harm you.  I can easily feel the breeze, the amount of pages makes it cool.  I could use the wind power to win any game I created, because I was the creater, and the book, and game, are mine.

Dropping the book on the floor, it makes a loud thud, the book is big in size.  I can feel the vibrations with my feet easily.  They are strong.

The book isnt cold, but it is cool.  I can feel the temperature change, I have a high body heat, and it is noticable on other surfaces.  I have thought about it, but not fully aware of it.  I think I have never fully noticed it before because it isn’t something that impacts my day to day activites with books.

The smell reminds me of public school libraries.  The books there are old.  They have been read by many eyes, and held by many hands.

The title is Wizard and Glass.  By reading the first page, I would not be able to tell why the book is titled that.  But if having to ask, I was assume the title was chosen because there is a train, that asks riddles and kills those who either do not answer, or answer wrong.

The experience is slighty different instead of reading the book, I read teh book, and think of what went into making the book, those who owned it before me, how they enjoyed it, and how future readers will enjoy it.  I do not find books boring, books are an escape for most, and an escape for me, when the digital world cannot suffice.

You fishbowled this assignment by telling us to pick up a red book.  You fishbowled it by telling us what to look for, and feel, and smell.  I think the point of this excercise was to see that a book is not just a book. A book is history, from those who read it before us, to those who will read it after us.

From this excerise, I can take a new perspective on my projects.  Instead of thinking how the professor will look at it, I can think of how those after the professor would look at it, if it was used as an in class example.

What Enslaves Me?

First semester of my sophomore year in college I took a server side programming class that focused on user input, and back end processing.  The final project was to create a three tier program: HTML, PHP, and an SQL database.  I decided to do a RPG (role playing game) Character creation engine.  I was beyond excited.  The way I envisioned it excited me like no other project before.  The thought of creating something that always interested in me would be fun.  I had plans to impliment the character creation aspect. Then allow players to have a username and password to go back in, bring up their character, and then see images of their items, weapons, and create a small bio about them.

What I had envisioned, and what I actually created were not to far off.  What I ended up doing was creating the character creation, the base of the entire project.  You were able to type your name in, what weapons you would like to use, type what kind of armor your character would wear.  From there, the server stored the information in a database, and you were able to go view all the chracters created in your class.


  • Time Constraints
  • Programming Issues
  • Art limitations
  • Other Final Projects
  • Fear of Failure

When faced with the bead I felt free, nearly endless possibilites!  But what ended up happening was I felt nearly lost.  I could not think what to do because I could do anything.  The limitations I faced were: would I feel that I did an adequate job?  Would others approve?  What I regret what I did and wish I had done something else.

As for the creative thing I am suppose to bring to class, I have it done, but the programming language I used is a pain in the ass.  So take my word for it.

Here are some screen shots!


1/23/12 – Class Memories

The thing that really stuck out to me was the concept of the fishbowl.  At first, when it was explained in the video I thought it was more of a joke.  The speaker in the video said a fish out of a fish bowl is paralyzed, which I thought was funny from a very literal stand point.  But the more it was explained it made sense.  A fish in a fish bowl only knows his own water.  Too many choices can paralyze a person.  And I think that is what happens to us, or at least me.  It is a theory I have.  It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to go to school for.  Mainly because my parents always told me, “Trevor, you can be what you want to be.”  And that is great and all, but back to the fishbowl, because I was backed by my parents on whatever choice I made, I felt like I was to overwhelmed with the choices.  And after switching from idea to idea, I finally realized that my understanding in computers was not to be unused.

I Have A Bead On You

Yes, this assignment is late.  But that is not the point.  At all.  Rene Descartes was a philospher,  my favorite in fact.  Rene Descartes set out to determine the reality of things.  He would do so by trying to prove they believe.  For instance, to prove he was actually conscious he attempted to determine if he had free thought and if he was not being controlled by some controlling demon.  He later tried to determine if things were real by expereince a change in them.  I did the same thing with my bead.  To prove the bead existed (loosely) I smashed it into a hammer, and saw it become smaller pieces.


Class Reflection – 1/9/12

Going into this class, I expected a lot.  And my expectations have been met after reading the syllabus.  My first though of the class when it began on the first day was that it is going to be a lot of critical thinking.  And for the Media Arts and Sciences program, I felt like it should have been a class students could take in their first year.  But again, after reading the syllabus I see why it is a 300 level course.  As the class went on I found myself realizing just how much this will help me.  I am excited the most to see what I fail at in the class.  I find myself creative most of the time, and our first homework assignment is to do something with the bead we were given really has me thinking of creative things I can do with it.

I also really like the structure of the class.  How the grade matters for GPA reasons, but not for class reasons.  To succeed you have to fail.  And if you keep succeeding, good for you, but you won’t take much out of it.

I am really looking forward to seeing how this class goes, and where it takes me personally.

Image That Sells Something: HTML 5

As someone who loves HTML and Web Design, I decided to sell HTML 5.  I started in Illustrator by creating the number 5, then creating the letters HTML.  I converted both to shapes, then used the pathfinder tools minus front to make them into one, with open space on the letters.  I then imported the object into photoshop, and downed the opacity of the layer.  Then, I duplicated the layer, gave it a white fill, and smudged it to make a smokey effect.  Then, using the same font, I took the text tool, created the words, and downed their opacity too.