Something Something Blah Blah Blah Are No Fun Unless They Are Shared With Everyone.

Tell you a secret?  Well, which one, I have two major ones.  Secret A) major life changer or Secret B) how I really broke my neck.

Let’s go with secret B.  At this point, if you have known me for awhile, it is actually no secret that I broke my neck.  Very few people really know how though.  For awhile, I told every person a different story just for the fun of it.  I once told someone I played in a metal cover band, and that we were so “metal” I broke my neck while stage diving.  Clearly a lie.  I have said I was in a car wreck, skateboarding accident, on and on.  But what really happened?  Well here goes.

It was my cousins wedding shower, my mom got the bright idea to rent a moon bounce, at this pint, you can probably see where this is going…  Anyways, my brother and I were wrestling on it, and he picked me up, and dropped me on my head, thus breaking my neck…

There ya go.  It is no longer a secret.


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