What Has Struck Sideways

What has struck sideways?

The one that has struck me the most was the reading a book assignment, and everything building up to it.  Why?  Because up to that point I rarely thought of anything as the product of more than one thing(s) or person(s).  Now, when I look at something, and examine it, I see different aspects of people in it. Their contributions, and what it took to make the finished product.

The second thing that has gotten me was the totem section.  The whole idea of doing an assignment that makes me concentrate on myself more than the actual assignment was great.  I got to sit, drink root beer, ginger beer, and do what I wanted to do, instead of slaving away at a project.

The third thing that got me, was the tiger/captivity section.  I loved the idea that our homework/project/meditation, or whatever you want to call it, depended on chance and/or fate.  Open a book, point to something, that is it.


My experience in this class has been far different from that of others.  It is beyond refreshing to be in a class where its more engaging that others.  The fact that we bond, as a class, with the professor, instead of listening to the professor lecture us in, and never really getting to know the class as individuals.  I wish that most classes would be like this, instead of the traditional format.

From the rest of this class, I would love to see more in depth and personal analysis.  Which I feel is coming with the fear project.


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