Unexpected Improv

For the unexpected improv, I started to struggle with what to do with a ginger beer bottle.  Making wind chimes out of it would be idiotic, because how common is that?  I thought about melting it down, and turning it into something else, but it would take awhile to melt the bottle down.  Finally I remembered I had a bunch of left over Christmas lights that I bought on sale from work.

Taking the lights, I first spliced them down.  I cut a few extra off and used electrical tape to contain the wires. From there, I simply pushed the wires into the bottle.  Simple enough, right?

(ignore the webcam picture)

After that, I bent the cap a little to accomedate the wire coming out of the top, and then I twist tied the wire down (to prevent top heaviness.)

Thus, giving me:

Ignore the moronic look on my face…

I am really pleased with the way the label lights up.


I suppose this could be used as decorations in a bar, or a restruant like T.G.I Fridays (but cooler, that place kind of sucks.)


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