Tyger Tyger Burning Bright (Or Escaping From a Zoo)

Based on tigers being held captive, blah blah blah, I decided to create a mock-up of a Flash game.  The idea of the game is you are playing as a tiger, that wants to escape from the zoo.  To beat the level, you have to jump over the zoo keeper and get to the edge of the screen.  As the game advances, the zoo keeper gets faster, and even jumps when you jump, or at random times.


Follow this link to get to the game:


To play. Use A and D keys to move.  Use the space bar to jump.  To play again, refresh the page.

50 What If Questions:

  1. What if Beth didn’t tell us to do the what if questions?
  2. What if I made a better game
  3. What if I didnt do the assignment
  4. What if animals aren’t locked in the zoo, but humans are, and the outside world is the zoo
  5. What if I wasn’t in college?
  6. What if I choose to do a different kind of game?
  7. What if I didn’t know what  a game was?
  8. What if Beth said not to do a game?
  9. What if my game sucks?
  10. What if my idea didn’t work?
  11. What if someone else did my idea?
  12. What if I couldn’t program?
  13. What if a monkey could write a better game?
  14. What if my graphics looked better?
  15. What if I added more to the game?
  16. What if I lost the game?
  17. What if this game made me money?
  18. What if I hate the game?
  19. What if I make it better?
  20. What if I I didn’t have 30 more questions to go?
  21. What if games were never created?
  22. What if I didn’t make a game?
  23. What if everybody laughs at my game?
  24. What if I can’t come up with anymore what if questions?
  25. What if, we are a video game, and some higher power is just playing with us to a newer version comes out?
  26. What if Men in Black 3 wasn’t coming out?
  27. What if Willow Smith didn’t whip their hair back and forth?
  28. What if i just wrote the questions and that was that?
  29. What if I hadn’t taken this class?
  30. What if this wasn’t the actual project?
  31. What if there is no project?
  32. What if I focused my questions back on the game?
  33. What if I coded it in a different language?
  34. What if it was more fun?
  35. What if it didn’t work?
  36. What if my computer blew up during coding?
  37. What if I just drew it out as documentation?
  38. What if I hired people to make it for me?
  39. What if the people I had hired, quit on me?
  40. What if I had less than 10 questions to go?
  41. What if I am running out of questions?
  42. What if i change my mind at the last minute and make something else?
  43. What if my first idea was better than this one?
  44. What if I painted by car like a tiger for this project?
  45. What if I adopted a tiger?
  46. What if there were no tigers?
  47. What if there was no World Wildlife fund?
  48. What if tigers were just a figment of our imagination?
  49. What if games were figments of our imagination?
  50. What if I wasn’t done with this just yet?

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