Book V2.0

What makes a book a book?  In my opinion the answer is a bit obvious.  The story.  Without the story a book is what, nothing?  Just words?  The story makes a book worth reading, it captures your interest, and keeps it until the very end.

How would I re-envision the book?  I loved the choose your own adventure books when I was growing up.  So I took that idea, and made it an interactive concept.  The idea is that when the character of the book runs into a situation, the user can add his or her input to determine what the character will do.  From there, the book will then decide how this would effect the outcome of the story by comparing it to the original story.

Below is a mock-up example I made in Photoshop demonstrating the interface and decision input of the book.  In the mock-up I choose to use “The Beast in the Cave” by H.P Lovecraft.  Why?  Because in this short story, the way I see it is that the outcome could have been different by what the character did as the beast was approaching him.  Instead of picking up the two rocks, what if he picked up just one?  Would the beast have killed him because the second stone didn’t knock it out?  What if the character just  cowered in the corner?  Or just attempted to run?  How would this all change the outcome of the story?

After the outcome of the book would be computed, the end of the story would be that of the original story.  The character would throw both stones, knocking the beast out, and running.  Catching the tour guide, and going back to see the slain beast.

But if the user had choose something else, the book would be different.  Say the character cowered in the corner, the beast could show up and kill him.  Or the character ran, it could be a 50/50 outcome, the character escape, or something new happens.


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