What Enslaves Me?

First semester of my sophomore year in college I took a server side programming class that focused on user input, and back end processing.  The final project was to create a three tier program: HTML, PHP, and an SQL database.  I decided to do a RPG (role playing game) Character creation engine.  I was beyond excited.  The way I envisioned it excited me like no other project before.  The thought of creating something that always interested in me would be fun.  I had plans to impliment the character creation aspect. Then allow players to have a username and password to go back in, bring up their character, and then see images of their items, weapons, and create a small bio about them.

What I had envisioned, and what I actually created were not to far off.  What I ended up doing was creating the character creation, the base of the entire project.  You were able to type your name in, what weapons you would like to use, type what kind of armor your character would wear.  From there, the server stored the information in a database, and you were able to go view all the chracters created in your class.


  • Time Constraints
  • Programming Issues
  • Art limitations
  • Other Final Projects
  • Fear of Failure

When faced with the bead I felt free, nearly endless possibilites!  But what ended up happening was I felt nearly lost.  I could not think what to do because I could do anything.  The limitations I faced were: would I feel that I did an adequate job?  Would others approve?  What I regret what I did and wish I had done something else.

As for the creative thing I am suppose to bring to class, I have it done, but the programming language I used is a pain in the ass.  So take my word for it.

Here are some screen shots!



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