Class Reflection – 1/9/12

Going into this class, I expected a lot.  And my expectations have been met after reading the syllabus.  My first though of the class when it began on the first day was that it is going to be a lot of critical thinking.  And for the Media Arts and Sciences program, I felt like it should have been a class students could take in their first year.  But again, after reading the syllabus I see why it is a 300 level course.  As the class went on I found myself realizing just how much this will help me.  I am excited the most to see what I fail at in the class.  I find myself creative most of the time, and our first homework assignment is to do something with the bead we were given really has me thinking of creative things I can do with it.

I also really like the structure of the class.  How the grade matters for GPA reasons, but not for class reasons.  To succeed you have to fail.  And if you keep succeeding, good for you, but you won’t take much out of it.

I am really looking forward to seeing how this class goes, and where it takes me personally.


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