Based On Music: Touch Me I Am Going To Scream Part 2

Youtube: My Morning Jacket – Touch me I Am Going To Scream Part 2

This image was inspired by one of my favorite bands.  The inspiration for this came from the song, mainly from two parts.  The lines; “if you touch me, well I just think i’ll scream.” And the instrumental breakdown that if you ask me, is mind blowing and pyschadelic.

For this image, I started by creating a vector image of a hand pointing.  I did this by going to morgueFile, find an image, and tracing it.  I then created the the light effects by taking a blank canvas, and using the marque tool and creating a rectangle.  I then used the brush tool to fill it with white, and used the smudge tool to give the ends shape, much like a light beam.  I then duplicated the layer, and added a guasian blur to the duplicated one to give it a luminous effect.  I did this for both hands, and then usued the color balance tool to give them different colors.  For the circle of light in the middle of the image, I used the same method, but created a white circle, duplicated it, gave it various blur effects like motion blur, smudge it too, and also used color balance on it.

Although the song says “touch” I went a different direction with this image.  When I listen to this song, I see the life force shooting out of hands and fingers when they are close to touching another human.


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