Anything I Want: Creeped Up on by a Creeper

This image was fun to create.  A little background information:  The subject in the background is a Creeper, from the popular indie game, Minecraft.  When playing the game, the creepers will creep up on you, and then blow up.

The idea of the picture came to me when I was messing around on the game attempting to get some creativity flowing.  I started by using my webcam to take a photo of myself like I was scared or yelling.  I chose to use my webcam to achieve a low/pixelated resolution image.  Then, after searching the web for a decent image of the Creeper, I used the selection tool to select him from the image, and import him onto his own layer on the image of myself.  I then used the quick selection tool to select part of the couch and duplicate it on its own layer.  I then moved the layer of the creeper between the original layer, and the selected layer of the couch to achieve the effect of him being behind me.


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