Challenges in Media Arts & Science

Going into this field of Media Arts and Science, I expected various difficulties to arise.  Such as: creative difficulties, technology difficulties, collaborative difficulties, and possibly even learning difficulties.  So far though, I have only ran into the creative difficulties.  So far, doing various class related projects, I have been asked to create an illustration depicting certain criteria.  The hardest thing I have came into has been creating a creative illustration.  Now, I am by no means not creative, I have my moments just as most people do, but I can usually come up with something creatively awesome.  I have just come to the conclusion lately that since it is for a grade, and something I do care about, I struggle to come up with some mind blowing creation that will ‘wow’ my professors. Although a “very nice” comment on a project is in fact very nice, I always like to go above and beyond, and as much as I hate to admit it, with due dates, and the stress mounting from other classes, as well as stress from work, above and beyond is just hard to reach.

Now, as far as future challenges go, I plan to focus on the gaming aspect of Media Arts & Science, and this will bring forth many challenges.  A few challenges that come to mind will be: coding challenges, graphics challenges, and the ever so present is-this-creative-enough challenge.  In my own opinion the biggest challenges out of the previous listed ones are the graphics, and coding.  Once coming up with a creative idea for a game, or section of a game, the hard part is making it come to life.  In high school I took two classes on VB programming.  And in the second year, it was treated as an independant study course for me (me and a friend were the first 2 to bring independent study to our school.)  Through the study, I played with programming movement, jumping, running, integration with graphics.  And coding all of that stuff was the more hard part, there were many ways to make it work, but I had to find the right one to make it work the way I wanted it to.



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